Composer - Tónskáld

Cold Shower / Köld sturta (1999)

for wind band / fyrir blásarasveit

2+pic. 2 4+ebcl. +bcl. 2 2 1 2+cbsn. / 4 3 3 bar. 1 / 3perc(timp.) / strb. (6’30)

Cold Shower was written for the premier concert of Reykjavik Wind Ensemble in January 1999.   The roots of the piece stretch all the way to Oslo, Norway, where I participated in the Ung Nordisk Musik festival 1998.  UNM is probably one of the best things that can happen to a young composer. Whole week filled with new music, interesting lectures, friends and beer. Everything a young composer needs.  However, at the end of the festival I was getting a little bit tired of all the intelectual discussion about intervals, fractal- and spectral compositions.  In the right moment one of my collegues handed me a CD with the German rockband Rammstein.  Listening to few tracks of their music was like taking a cold shower, powerful as well as refreshing and made me want to listen to still another intresting concert at the Oslo festival.

Live recording of the premiere in Reykjavik 01/23/1999

Reykjavik Wind Ensemble – Kjartan Óskarsson conductor.