Composer - Tónskáld

The Lost Ship / Árásin á Goðafoss (2009)

Produced by Reykjavik Films ©2009

A documentary about the Icelandic freighter Godafoss that was sunk by a German submarine in November 1944. Godafoss was coming from New York via England when it was torpedoed by the U-300 just before it came to harbor in Reykjavik. 42 people died in the attack. Godafoss was shot down in shallow water, close to land and a lot of people saw it sink – but the ship has never been found!

Performed by members of Caput ensemble

1.Violin: Zbigniew Dubik, 2. Violin: Gréta Guðnadóttir, Viola: Þórunn Ósk Marínósdóttir, Cello: Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir, Piano: Snorri Sigfús Birgisson

Sound Engineer: Sveinn Kjartansson